Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and integrity is an important part of Parish life and a life in Christ. This is important for all of us because it is at the heart of the dignity of the human person. It is one of the most important ways of acting in the virtue of justice (giving to other human persons that which is due to them as a creation of God). Each of us has a sacred responsibility to try to ensure that we act appropriately towards others and that they are not placed in situations of harm or even potentially harmful situations. This is what ethics and integrity seeks to ensure. Providing a safe environment flows naturally from the concept of ethics and integrity. This is a part of the Faith Formation process throughout the Diocese of Tyler. However, it should not be limited to this group of people If all persons are aware of the issues of ethics and integrity and those involved in providing a safe environment then we ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that people are and will be safe but we are also able then to act and live in the world around us in such a manner to spread this concern. Please click on the following links for more information:

Parish contact person:  Jennifer Ross

Report concerns or questions to Promoter of Justice, Confidential:  903-266-2159  Fax: 903-939-1037

Report abuse of minors to:  State of Texas, 800-252-5400

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